To Blitz or not to Blitz That’s the question – a Win-Win story


The win-win story we have experienced started when we headed to hire a third-party consultant to do the performance and stress testing for our new portal to ensure that it is ready for launching and it is equipped with sufficient resources, in addition to the  PT (Penetration) and release tests provided by the Hosting party.

Though invitations for bidding  were sent to quite good number of workers in this field but very few were aware and interested to quote, despite the fact that the offers were not moderate, leading us rather to rely on our selves armed with the proper, powerful, reputable software tools.

So our search journey over cyberspace just started and found again few suitable Linux based tools, while the nice surprise and great paitance prize we found was the online  portal/cloud based testing website called Blitz.

So What is Blitz:

By utilizing thier offered trial credits – we liked –  gave us the chance to navigate the site and started to compare the performance of our existing website with the new portal and gave us critical findings in a number of parameters to be checked and discussed with both the Developer and Hosting parties and to recalculate our hosting provisioned resources, actually it was a win-win story that ended up with all parties have a big smile.

Blitz - Load testing from the cloud-new website_Page_1

The most attracting features of the Blitz load-performance portal was:

1- Handling:

Friendly for ordinary users and sufficient for the professionals.

2- Portal design and site map:

Nice looking and simple and clear that saves time for the user to get his mission accomplished.

3- Service/product categorizing:

Sprinting, Rushing, Variables, Analytics, and Ruby Gem ..etc giving all audience the suitable solution for thier popped-up need and requirement.

4- Well formatted and pro looking reporting capabilities equipped with charts and diagrams.

5- The generosity and smart marketing offers to make proper and wide spreading of this so demanding products and services.

Thanks to the blitzers ….

Blitz - Load testing from the cloud-new website_Page_2


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