Review: See human anatomy in 3D with Zygote Body

The human body is fascinating and complex. Students puzzle over those different bones, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves…and that’s without getting into the different parts of the brain, heart, and other internal organs.,87.59,215.12

Zygote_Body_circulatory_system_screenshotZygote Body shows the circulatory system—and other parts of human anatomy—in exquisite detail.

Zygote Body is an amazing 3D simulation of the human body, complete with every layer, organ, and vessel. Using your keyboard or mouse, you can slowly peel away or add the different parts of the human body, and learn more about them by searching for an organ or clicking the one you’re interested in.

Even if you don’t study science, Zygote Body is an excellent way to get the bigger picture of the human body.

Note: The Download button takes you to to the vendor’s website, where you can use this Web-based software.


  • Easy to control with both keyboard and mouse
  • Lets you search for and pin organs for reference
  • Doesn’t require Flash

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Zygote Body is a comprehensive and unique way to learn about the human body.

DOWNLOAD NOW,87.59,215.12


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