What is the Universe?

People view the Universe from different perspectives. So, what is the Universe?

  • religious viewpoint –> realm of spirit, a theistic creation
  • artist, poets, … –> a series of forms as felt by sensitive practioners
  • philosophers –> a thing of analytic and synthetic structures disciplined by logic
  • scientific viewpoint –> a body of intricate structures, elucidated by theory disciplined by observation and experiment

In this class, we will discuss,

Before we go on, let’s make an observation about Universe versus universe. Why do I use a capital “U” rather than a lower case “u”? Well, because we are speaking about our Universe, and there is only one of our Universe, we use the capital. If we spoke of universes in general, then we would use the lower case “u.” It is a little unfortunate that we only know of one universe because we are never sure if we are exceptional or if we are just one of the gang. However, this cannot be helped and we must play the hand we are dealt.


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