«Digital Drugs» spread among young people addictive


A security official warned of the spread of music on the Internet with traditional influence of drugs on human health, and lead to addiction, saying that the drug is coming because of the danger of digital high-use applications for the Internet and the high correlation of technology by young people.

The Deputy Director of the Academy of Police Sciences in Sharjah presented Dr. Sarhan Hassan rhomboid, during his participation yesterday in a conference on «the challenges facing the family in the modern era», dangerous drugs digital as a form of drug used in the deal, and that link Bmtaatiha to the point of addiction, He explained that it was spread in a recent type of music that contains audio files in the form of single or dual tones, make the mind Mstmaha up to a state of numbness similar to the influence of drugs.

He said there was a group of young people use that music in psychotherapy, without consulting a specialist, as a turning young people into addiction, explaining that the drug of digital is not a drug a real traditional sense in terms of substance and the component and the form and methods of dealing, as they are for converting the drug and influential in the aspects of mental and psychological of physical form or liquid or gaseous to a new form by downloading these drugs in containers of electronic or digital form of discs or files, so that a file or CD-dose drugs, including have the effect may be equivalent to the impact that traditional drugs on functioning of the brain and chemical reactions, neurological, and psychological state of users.

He stressed that the drug of digital effects traditional drugs in the case of mental and neurological, and may be a motive in many cases of abuse of traditional drugs, explaining that he had conducted a study to determine the features of the drug phenomenon of digital in the UAE society, especially that of the first countries in the world in the use of modern technology, what increases the seriousness of the problem and the importance of ways to address them in terms of specification of users and abusers have, and measuring the rate of use of this type of drug, and the ways and mechanisms that, based on data collected during the study, which made it possible to stand on the opinions of a sample of young people and school and university students about the extent of their awareness The awareness of this drug developed and the ways and methods of dealing with it, and the factors and the reasons and motives leading to the involvement therein, and the consequences.

The survey conducted by the question asked: Is it possible to send waves of influence on human beings in order to simulate the influence of drugs? He explained that this is done by a group of teenagers in the United States now and in the Arab countries may soon be through the use of so-called audio files «MP3», through a new type of drug, called «digital drugs».

He warned of the danger of the supply of a pattern of drug use from the west to the community of the UAE and the Arab countries in general, and the impact of young people are not conscious seriousness of the subject, as it represents a big problem to accumulate in the post, since most young people use music as a form of relaxation of the nerves or during the consultation. A and pointed out that the technological revolution or technological revolution was able to modify the map of addiction and trade quality in the world, is no longer drug consumption Qasra to get an injection into a vein, or smell through the nose, but it developed that puts the addict himself in the case of mood requires selection of a dose of music from between the doses available to it, giving it the effect of class the drug that he wants. A and pointed out the similarities between drugs digital and traditional drugs, since each of the substance as well as causing the same effect in terms of euphoria and mood, hallucinations, The drug of digital and traditional are sold with a view to profit regardless of the damage caused by them, he said, adding that the drug of digital no notation made the legislator in the text of criminalization and punishment so far, and are drug-digital that it is easy to obtain, as are typically cheaper in terms of the price of cash paid in traditional drugs.

Digital drugs

Known as Deputy Director of the Academy of Police Sciences in Sharjah presented Dr. Sarhan Hassan rhomboid, drugs digital as a kind of loud music, which does make a difference in mood, simulates the effect of «marijuana» and other traditional drugs, hashish, cocaine, and other types of drugs, and all that required to enter into this mood is the choice of dose musical of doses available, give the effect of class the drug that it wants addict, and loaded on your player songs compact MP3, whatever its kind, and Smaata dedicated to the ear, and then lie down on the pillow, and relax in the room light is dim , with wear loose clothing, and cover the eyes, and the closure of all devices that cause nuisance until the focus is on the track that you hear.


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