What is (BYOD) ?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a concept where people use personally owned devices which are not owned by theiremployers.[1]

Bring relates to bringing the device to the environment where the service is provided. In some cases it is physically limited to a location (e.g. i.c.w. a LAN network cable), but more often it is time and location independent. Your refers to the person bringing the device. Own refers to device ownership of employees, contractors, students, hotel guests, etc. Devices include smartphones, tablets,laptops, etc. Services include internet, email/calendar/contacts, LAN, VoIP,[2] etc.

A common form is when employees bring their own devices (to work) to access their work email, calendar and contacts.[3]

Businesses that fall under compliancy rules such as PCI or HIPAA must still comply when using the BYOD concept. But defining and enforcing an acceptable use policy may be tricky on devices which are not owned and (completely) managed by employers.

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) and/or Mobile Application Management (MAM) employers can (partially) manage the devices. Management may include: information security (e.g. antivirus, encryption), remote backup, remote wipe, application provisioning, etc.

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